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Brock, Hank & Vin | Daddy bear fuck scene

August 30th, 2010 by GayBearHeads
Vin Costes looks so small among the mountainous muscle in this buff three-way fuck. He is sandwiched between Brock and Hank as the video begins and worships the pumped meat of his embracers. But he’s not at their mercy for long, instead he’s the one exerting authority over Brock’s ass when he fucks him hard and makes him cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure. CLICK HERE

Muslce gay bear Brock Hart on theguysite

February 5th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

Brock Hart gay muscle bear soloBrock Hart gay bear jerking offmuscle hairy bear brock hartgay hairy muscle bearhairy gay bear Brock HartAt about 6’5″ and 247lbs, Brock has plenty of just about everything fans of TheGuySite love so much.

In addtion to his very manly good looks, he’s also very well educated and one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. Perhaps this gallery should have been called “The Total Package.”

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Chet’s slave

December 6th, 2009 by GayBearHeads

Bound Gods Chet slaveIf you like bondage you’ll be well served here. Take a look at the scene in which a slave really gets what he deserves.

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Tattooed Men Fucking – Edu Boxer and Miles

December 20th, 2009 by GayBearHeads

Edu Boxer and MilesHairy Italian hunk Edu Boxer has appeared on Butch Dixon before in a hot suck and fuck session. And if you’ve never seen this stud sucking cock, you’re in for a treat. A lot of top men tend to get lazy, thinking that a bottom is completely satisfied just servicing their dick. But Edu Boxer is a full-service top and he loves making sure his bottoms are satisfied in every way. Before pounding hairy, muscle hunk Miles, Edu gets down on his knees and slobbers all over Miles’s uncut cock. Then he turns Miles around, bends him over the washing machine, and chows down on his ass. And once Edu has Miles on the brink of blowing his load, the Italian top man starts inching his fat cock between Miles’s beefy butt cheeks. Of course Miles takes his turn down on his knees sucking Edu’s meaty cock. And when the bald hunk’s ass has had his fill of Edu’s dick, he sprays his load all over Edu’s hairy chest.

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Lobo Al is playing the barman

January 10th, 2010 by GayBearHeads
Lobo AlThis hot Lobo is definitely no lone wolf. He likes a crowd and he likes the men hot, naked and ready to fuck. We recently had this self-described power-bottom out to San Francisco for a hot and sweaty orgy scene and everyone wanted a taste of him. You’ll see why in these photos.
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Big Dick Fucking

January 11th, 2011 by GayBearHeads

musclebears fucking and suckingmusclebears fucking and suckingmusclebears fucking and suckingmusclebears fucking and suckingIn this Butch Dixon video, Max and Freddy are watching a gay porn movie together. It’s not long before these two horny men are naked. Freddy has a hot, hairy body and a delicious big dick. Max is hard muscled, chiseled, and very well hung – he’s packing a 9-inch cock with a plump cock head. Max gets to work on Freddy’s big, uncut dick and he slobbers all over it. Then Max climbs on top of Freddy, straddling his hairy chest, and pushes his big tool in Freddy’s face. Freddy sucks Max’s cock and gets it very hard. Freddy is also pushing his own hard dick between Max’s muscular butt cheeks. Initially it looks like Max is going to get a big dick fucking, but when he slides his tongue inside Freddy’s hairy ass crack, we see where this is going. Lying back on the sofa, Freddy gets his ass fucked long and slow. The men fuck missionary style for a while until Freddy finally blasts his load across his hairy chest – one squirt even hits him in the face. Then Max moves to Freddy’s head and stuffs his balls in Freddy’s mouth. Freddy sucks Max’s balls until the bald hunk sprays his load all over Freddy’s chest. Head over to Butch Dixon and check out this free preview video; and don’t forget to check out Max’s other videos, he’s fucked a lot ass over at this masculine man site.

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Hot smokin daddy bear

May 18th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

daddy beardaddy beardaddy bear dickdaddy bearHere’s on sexy daddy bear from bearfilms. Take a look at all the pic by clicking here.

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Hairy naked farmer

November 9th, 2009 by GayBearHeads

Colt Studio GroupColt Studio always brings us the most lickable hot men of the porn world. Here’s another one that you would beg to be on your knees to satisfy him…

Here’s the complete shooting!

Rocky LaBarre: The guy site

December 24th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

big hairy muscle bearbig hairy muscle bearbig hairy muscle bearbig hairy muscle bearbig hairy muscle bearRocky is looking to get into the business. Lucky for us, this hairy bear daddy chose TheGuySite to make his video debut.

Before we started, he admitted he was a bit nervous. By the time he cums though, he’s warmed up and shooting a huge no hands load.

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Francois Sagat and Said

September 25th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

big muscle bearsbig muscle bearsbig muscle bearsbig muscle bearsGorgeous muscle hunk Francois Sagat stumbles into an abandoned bombed-out building to find Said playing with his thick manly chest hair. Francois eagerly responds to Said’s horny call for attention by lifting his shirt and playing with his juicy chest and looking back with that seductive look we have come to love! Francois is sex starved! He signals Said to follow him up the broken stairs and past some rebar for some privacy. Said wastes no time pulling off Francois’s shirt to worship his world-class chest. Francois is pushed against a wall then quickly drops to his knees to worship Saidcs juicy Arab cock. Said then decides he wants a piece of Francois’s thick uncut cock before he turns Francois around and licks his tight hole. Said slaps Francois’s big muscle ass before thrusting his cock inside it from behind.

The men are so horned up by the hot location that Francois decides to hang from exposed rebar from a mortar shell hole in the ceiling while Said holds up Francois’s thick legs and fucks him. Said loves Francois ass so much he bends him over against a bullet ridden wall and fucks him until he cums, letting out a primordial scream and slapping his rock hard cock in the cum on Francois’s ass. Francois gets so excited he shoots his load all over the dirty floor.

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