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9-Inch Thick Cock – Dillon Buck

February 15th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

hairy muscle beargay bear hairymuscle gay bearbig dick gaybearWho doesn’t like looking at a nice, big, juicy dick? Dillon Buck is always a hot favourite over at Gay Butch Dixon. He’s looking a whole lot sexier since he grew a full beard; but with or without that beard, that 9-inch thick cock would keep our eyes occupied. That piece of meat is a cock sucker’s dream come true. It’s long, it’s thick, and it’s sporting a strong banana curve. Many a hungry cock sucker has serviced that meat on Butch Dixon and done a fabulous job of it. Dillon Buck is not for the amateur: Whether he’s getting his dick sucked or fucking a tight piece of ass, this hairy hunk drives his cock deep inside a hungry mouth or fuck hole, and the recepient had better be able to handle it. Even those who can handle it often grimace as Dillon’s huge cock fills them up.

Outdoor Threeway Sex – Max, Jason & Tony

December 2nd, 2009 by GayBearHeads

Max Jason TonyMax and Jason are real-life lovers who are out enjoying a day in the park. While they’re relaxing and talking, Tony walks by. He’s a good-looking, hairy guy and he gives Jason a wink. The guys pack up their things and quickly head off after Tony, who by now, is disappearing into a wooded area off the park. Jason is the first to catch up with Tony in the bush, and Tony doesn’t need an invitation. He drops to his knees and starts swallowing Jason’s big cock. When Max catches up with them, he stands quietly off to the side and watches this hungry cocksucker servicing his lover. Max eventually joins in and whips out his whopping 9-inch dick, and the three men get into a steamy blowjob swapping session. At one point Max is down on his knees slobbering all over the two dicks in front of him. And Tony his really hungry for dick. He lies back on the grass and this pair of lovers takes turns fucking his ass and his mouth. In the end, Max lies back, held in his lover’s arms while all three men dump their juicy loads on Max’s chest and belly. Head on over to Butch Dixon and check out the free preview of this outdoor threeway.

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Alexander Block on Butch Dixon

November 21st, 2010 by GayBearHeads

muscle bearmuscle bearmuscle bearmuscle bearmuscle bear Here’s a new handsome bear model on ButchDixon. Click here to see him in action…

Spanish Muscle Bear – Edu Boxer

November 13th, 2009 by GayBearHeads

Edu BoxerEdu Boxer recently took some time away from his home in Spain to head over to Butch Dixon and gets us revved up with his sexy, hairy body. Edu Boxer is such a hot man! He’s such a handsome stud with a gorgeous beard. Those sexy eyes of his draw you right in. The way he looks into the camera, it’s as if he’s saying, “I’m going to fuck your ass and you’re going to feel my cock for a week!” And his cock his beautiful ó it’s fat and sheathed in a juice helping of foreskin. It’s a cock sucker’s dream come true. And can you imagine sucking on that piece of meat while Edu talks dirty to you in Spanish? That nearly sends me over the edge. But take your mind off Edu’s uncut cock for a minute, and look at this muscle bear’s solid, hairy body. He’s got a wonderfully thick and well-defined body, and he’s covered from head to toe in fur. Even his ass is furry! You’re going to love this photo gallery, but if you head over Butch Dixon you can also check out free video previews of Edu Boxer fucking ass!

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Manu Maltes on HotOlderMale

November 7th, 2009 by GayBearHeads

Manu MaltesWhen we met this steaming hot daddy during the shoot of our movie, “Daddy Hunt 3″, everyone’s knees buckled just a little. Manu’s a hung, uncut top and when we put him together with his sexy boyfriend Edu and hungry Derrick Hanson, our knees gave way completely. Trust us.

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Hot smokin daddy bear

May 18th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

daddy beardaddy beardaddy bear dickdaddy bearHere’s on sexy daddy bear from bearfilms. Take a look at all the pic by clicking here.

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Bears In Paradise: Four on Deck

January 1st, 2010 by GayBearHeads

Four-on-DeckFour hot daddy bears Karl, Rusty, Hart and Dave are clothed but not for long. They know and we know they’re about to have some hot, outdoor fun. The first in the nearby sling is hungry bottom-bear Dave, who in quick succession takes Rusty, Hart and Karl’s big dicks. He loves to get fucked and he proves it here. Karl likes it both ways and he’s next to jump in the sling and take it deep from Rusty and Hart.

Then these hot guys pair off for a while, as Karl and Hart stay at the sling for some fun finger play (Karl likes Hart’s fingers exploring his used hole) and Rusty gets back on and in Dave’s hole on a nearby bench. All that fucking does its job and these four hot bears, one after the other, begin to produce nice, hot, mouth-watering loads. We’re sure you’ll produce a finger-licking load yourself as you watch these four masculine studs go at it.

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Macho Hairy Men – Alan Knight & John Connery

June 19th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

butch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsIt’s always a treat when a gay porn site films real-life lovers having sex. Porn stars are great, but I always enjoy watching how real men are having sex. Alan Knight is a sexy, bald man with a hot beard. He’s solid, hairy, and tattooed. His partner John Connery is sporting a short mohawk and a full beard ñ what a combination! These two sexy hairy men strip out of their leather gear and give us a look at how they please one another during their one-on-one time. Alan is the first one down on his knees, sucking John’s stiff cock and playing with his foreskin. Alan holds John’s foreskin with his finger tips and gets in deep with his tongue. John gives his lover’s big-nobbed cock a swallow. And then, these two horny men take turns fucking one another. And since they’re lovers, they’re not using condoms!

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Hank Dutch & Rocky Torrez

October 31st, 2009 by GayBearHeads

HairyBoyzIf hardcore, rough and wild sex is your idea of fun, you’re going to love Hank and Rocky’s one-on-one in the ring. Grunting more like animals than men and showing no mercy for each other’s holes, these massive muscle men slap, slam, spit and suck there way through a hot and heavy sex session. Don’t miss the fantastic foreskin-play at towards the beginning of the scene either!

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Daddy bear solo!

September 15th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

This daddy bear is stroking himself in his hotel bathroom. He’s really turned on by looking at his cock in the mirror…

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