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Dane Hyde & Brock Hart

February 19th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

brock hart gaybeargay bear gaybeargay bear gaybeargay bear gaybeargay bear gaybeargay bear gaybearThe real life “Dynamic Duo” of Dane Hyde and Brock Hart is back, and we couldn’t be happier to see these two sexy studs. Brock Hart is 39 and originally from Miami. His other half of 6 years, Dane Hyde is 32, and they live together in South Florida. They have two kids and they’re happy that their four-legged kids can’t talk back.

They are happily married, or as least as married as they could be without the legality of it. “It would be fair if everyone had the opportunity to have that right. That would really be meaningful”, says Brock of the recent hot topic of legalizing Gay Marriage. After six years, they both admit that keeping the spark alive takes work. It’s an every day commitment.

They’re extremely comfortable with each other and in their own skins. At home, they both practice safe sex and do so out of respect for each other since they are both in the industry and performing with multiple partners. “Once we’re no longer doing this, then we can have that discussion”. They laugh as they admit that working together and living together, sometimes it gets confusing as to which name to call out in bed. We’re sure these two, who could finish each other’s sentences, have answered to more than one name in bed before.

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December 20th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

gay bear and studgay bear and studgay bear and studgay bear and studgay bear and studDiscussing Thanksgiving plans, Chad and Dallas start reliving last year’s festivities. Festivities which involved whipped cream. Hmm. Dallas just happens to have a can handy. (GO Figure!) He moves over to Chad and feeds him some as well as playfully licking some off his hairy chest. Chad is hard in seconds as Dallas helps him out of his jeans. They make out as Dallas jacks Chad’s cock. Dallas then strips and slides to his knees so he can get better access to that cock he wants. He starts to nurse on Chad’s dick as Chad sits back and watches his cock disappear. Dallas then stands as he offers Chad something to eat as well. Chad pulls off Dallas’ boxers and opens wide. Dallas’ cock is rock hard as Chad starts sucking on it. Chad then gets up to make out with Dallas as their cocks grind and slap against each other. “En guard!” Before a fencing match breaks out, Dallas sits back and watches as Chad kneels to worship his thick cock. Dallas bites his lower lip as the sensation on his cock makes him shiver. But wait—there’s more. Chad then gets our top boy on the couch and slides his tongue deep inside that smooth ass. Such a tease. He can eat it…but he can’t have it. lol

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StudsOver40 | Steve Major Strips

April 2nd, 2010 by GayBearHeads

big muscle gay bearbig muscle gay bearbig muscle gay bearbig muscle gay bearHairy horn dog Steve Majors strips to his briefs for the camera, revealing his beefy hairy body! Then, the bear spreads his butt cheeks on the couch!

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Brock Hart and Cain West

January 22nd, 2010 by GayBearHeads

Brock-Hart-and-Cain-WestI received some fan mail recently which suggested “If you want to make lot’s of money, you should start a second web site with Cain fucking and sucking his way across the country.” Here’s a start. Enjoy Cain and Brock in Full Contact.

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StudsOver40 | Two horny dudes unwind after work!

March 24th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

big muscle bears on studsover40big muscle bears on studsover40big muscle bears on studsover40big muscle bears on studsover40big muscle bears on studsover40After a hard day’s work at the factory, these two dudes love nothing more than to go back home, drink an ice cold beer and suck a big hot cock! Watch Muscle Mike and Christian Volt unwind in this photo set with a little bit of steaming man on man fuck love!

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Albert Victor

March 12th, 2011 by GayBearHeads

albert victor big muscle bear butch dixonalbert victor big muscle bear butch dixonalbert victor big muscle bear butch dixonalbert victor big muscle bear butch dixonAlbert Victor is one of the famous bear on Butch Dixon’s website. Click here to see him in action…

Hairy Muscle Man – Axel Ryder

November 4th, 2009 by GayBearHeads

Axel_montageCan you imagine being down on your knees and looking up at this hairy, muscle man? If that doesn’t inspire your cock sucking muscles, then you’d better see your doctor or you’re probably dead! Axel Ryder hails from Belgium. He’s massive with huge, sculpted shoulders; plump and hairy chiseled pecs; and a superb furry belly. As when you’ve finished taking in the top half of this hairy hunk, you’re eyes are going to be mesmerized by his fat, uncut cock. What a chunk of meat! So get ready because Axel needs his fat cock serviced. He teases us and stiffens his fat dick in his greased hand, and it just keeps getting bigger and better. He’s packing a deliciously fat shaft and an intoxicatingly plump and pink cock head, and he’s anxious to show off what he can do with it.

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Drake Jayden & Matthew Rush on Menover30

March 9th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

Drake Jayden & Matthew Rush gay bearsDrake Jayden & Matthew Rush gay bearsDrake Jayden & Matthew Rush gay bearsDrake Jayden & Matthew Rush gay bearsDrake Jayden & Matthew Rush gay bearsAfter doing his very first web episode with us on his birthday, 37 year-old Matthew Rush is back with us this week, and we couldn’t be happier to give our members more Matthew. What a “rush”—riiight? Well, it will be when you get to see Mr. Rush playing a role he doesn’t play very often on camera. (more on that in a minute.) Christmas this year couldn’t have been any hotter thanks to the dynamic Drake Jayden, who boldly took a pounding by power top Brenn Weisman. Gotta be careful what you wish for. Even though he left walking a tad funny, 25 year-old Drake didn’t complain one bit. Both of these studs have quite the résumé, so we asked them had they the opportunity to write their memoirs, what would it be called? Matt thinks for a few seconds, then says “Naked Beneath My Clothes” then burst out laughing. Comedian Rita Rudner just got her book’s title stolen. Drake’s book would be titled “I can’t believe I took the whole thing”. You can all draw you own conclusions on that one; but one thing you won’t need to draw conclusions on is who will be taking the “whole thing”.

Drake’s hot ass is taking the day off, and his thick 8” cock will be boldly rushing up Matthew’s ass for a much needed change. After all, isn’t that what most of us vote for?

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AlphaMaleFuckers | Tom and Mick

February 17th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

gaybear fucking outdoorgaybear fucking outdoorgaybear fucking outdoorgaybear fucking outdoorTom and Mick Bareback fucking on the roof!! Having hardcore sex under the sun is great, especially as it’s watching these two buff men get hot and sweaty with one another, feeling his cock slide into his hole raw, before great thrusting action, causing him to spurt everywhere then shoot his load over his tongue, tasting every drop of his cum before swallowing it down!!

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Brief Encounters: Daddy’s boy

January 23rd, 2010 by GayBearHeads

Brief-Encounters--Daddys-BoySexy boy Conner Habib wants to make his daddy, Nick Moretti, proud as they enter a sex club for the first time together. Nick assures him he’ll do him proud and they go at it on a leather bench. Conner spends a good long time getting Nick’s thick and long cock nice and wet, gagging on it from time to time. Nick has a beautifully curved dick, the kind that curves upward – perfect for fucking. So fucking is what he does and young Conner takes it on his knees, on his belly and finally on his back before they both blow huge loads. Daddy is proud of his boy and tells him so.

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