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Butch Grand and Tiko Exclusive

November 16th, 2009 by GayBearHeads

Butch and TikoTake two of the most lusted after porn stars today; raging hot hairy muscle men Butch Grand and Tiko. Catch them in the intamacy of a bedroom, and you have wildfire! Beware: The chemistry between these two is smoking hot! Nothing but pure sex! They just can’t get enough of each other as they wake from sleep to continue what they were doing the night before! It is obvious from the first second these men are hungry for each other. This hursuite couple, bite chew and munch on every inch of each other. Every massive muscle, every body hair and every inch of flesh is licked, admired and teased. These guys know how to please each other. These men kiss and eat tongue with extreme passion and pleasure.

Tiko uses his mouth on Butch’s ass, before pulling Butch’s hole wider to accomodate his huge veined cock. Tiko then plunders and pounds it eagerly from every conceivable angle! This is one scene we have all been waiting for. A hungry expert bottom, and an eager expert top who were made for each other.

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Garret Knoxx and Brock Hart

November 6th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

big muscle bearsbig muscle bearsbig muscle bearsbig muscle bearsBrock meets Garrett at a conference and they find a private Gazebo where they can get better acquainted! These 2 muscle studs slurp and lick each other all over. Brock chows down on Garrett’s thick cock and Garrett returns the favor by munching on Brock’s hairy hole. Once Brock’s hole is good and ready Garrett pounds his hole with his thick cock. These 2 hairy studs know how to fuck and the cum flies all over Brock’s furry chest!

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Lobo Al at bearfilms

December 27th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

lobo al gay bear daddylobo al gay bear daddylobo al gay bear daddylobo al gay bear daddyLobo Al Likes: I love hairy guys with a nice build. Plus men who smell like men… sweat that comes from a long hard day, or a nice hard session of sex, taste better than a fine bottle of wine.

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Bruno Andrea & Albert Victor

January 16th, 2011 by GayBearHeads

gay bears at butch dixongay bears at butch dixongay bears at butch dixongay bears at butch dixongay bears at butch dixonAs usual, ButchDixon’s offering a great scene with 2 uncut sexy bears.

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Nicholas on GayBearXXX

January 9th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

NicholasNicholas’ hairy chest was to die for! After probing him we found out that he organizes gay weddings. We knew then, it was time for this groom to get some action! So we consummated this marriage with a huge cock in his ass and mouth!

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Big Dick Fucking

January 11th, 2011 by GayBearHeads

musclebears fucking and suckingmusclebears fucking and suckingmusclebears fucking and suckingmusclebears fucking and suckingIn this Butch Dixon video, Max and Freddy are watching a gay porn movie together. It’s not long before these two horny men are naked. Freddy has a hot, hairy body and a delicious big dick. Max is hard muscled, chiseled, and very well hung – he’s packing a 9-inch cock with a plump cock head. Max gets to work on Freddy’s big, uncut dick and he slobbers all over it. Then Max climbs on top of Freddy, straddling his hairy chest, and pushes his big tool in Freddy’s face. Freddy sucks Max’s cock and gets it very hard. Freddy is also pushing his own hard dick between Max’s muscular butt cheeks. Initially it looks like Max is going to get a big dick fucking, but when he slides his tongue inside Freddy’s hairy ass crack, we see where this is going. Lying back on the sofa, Freddy gets his ass fucked long and slow. The men fuck missionary style for a while until Freddy finally blasts his load across his hairy chest – one squirt even hits him in the face. Then Max moves to Freddy’s head and stuffs his balls in Freddy’s mouth. Freddy sucks Max’s balls until the bald hunk sprays his load all over Freddy’s chest. Head over to Butch Dixon and check out this free preview video; and don’t forget to check out Max’s other videos, he’s fucked a lot ass over at this masculine man site.

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Josh and Jack in a fuckin’ hot scene

November 10th, 2009 by GayBearHeads

Josh and JackHairy, muscular, hung – now that’s what I’m talking about! Josh West has a monster pecker for a white guy. And Jack Bond has the big ass to match. Watching Josh split open Jack’s creamy bouncing booty will make you spooge before West does. And man does he shoot, all over Bond’s smooth backside. He comes so much you can almost imagine the warm creamy goodness running down your own crack!

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Macho Hairy Men – Alan Knight & John Connery

June 19th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

butch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsbutch dixon's hairy bearsIt’s always a treat when a gay porn site films real-life lovers having sex. Porn stars are great, but I always enjoy watching how real men are having sex. Alan Knight is a sexy, bald man with a hot beard. He’s solid, hairy, and tattooed. His partner John Connery is sporting a short mohawk and a full beard ñ what a combination! These two sexy hairy men strip out of their leather gear and give us a look at how they please one another during their one-on-one time. Alan is the first one down on his knees, sucking John’s stiff cock and playing with his foreskin. Alan holds John’s foreskin with his finger tips and gets in deep with his tongue. John gives his lover’s big-nobbed cock a swallow. And then, these two horny men take turns fucking one another. And since they’re lovers, they’re not using condoms!

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Bear Season: Cabin Orgy

April 12th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

big hairy gay bears orgybig hairy gay bears orgybig hairy gay bears orgybig hairy gay bears orgyHorny couple, Ben and Chad invite a few of their bear buddies over for a sex romp in their mountain cabin. The party starts with Ben, Chad, Max Ryan and Dan Bennett all sucking and kissing when big, burly bear Jeff Wells arrives for the party. He quickly undresses and joins the fun.

The party really gets going when red-headed Rusty McMann joins the fray.

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Scott Gable is playing with a dildo

February 8th, 2010 by GayBearHeads

Scott Gable gay bear with dildohairy gay bear scott gablehairy gay bear with dildo solohairy muscle bearScott Gable just loves the feeling of something firm and hard up his ass and when he cant find a cock, he’ll settle for just about anything else! Lucky for him, he managed to find a dildo for this photo shoot, because he’s the type of guy that would break the leg off of a table and fuck himself with it to get his ricks off!

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